by Immoralist

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Brand new song by Immoralist


I am death
I am Life
I am the reason
That you're afraid to die

We are all serpents inside
We represent the selfishness and the lies you hide
Three fucking nails shoved through my eyes
While you're praying and weeping for the brain dead and blind

There is a noose
For you to put and end to me
There is so much more
Than you will ever see

And in the kingdom of dirt
There will be no pity for you
Don't pray for me
I don't want it

Death waits for no man
No woman, no child
Pledge allegiance to yourself

I am the procreator of hate
Do you see me?
Do you feel me?
I am all around you

Listen the fuck up

Deep inside you know it's a lie
But you can't help but run your fucking mouth every time
So now I try to forgive you for this
But I can't give someone forgiveness who doesn't fucking want it

You fucking bitch

I am death
I am Life
I am the reason
That you're afraid to die

Three nails shoved through my eyes
After everything I would rather be blind


released October 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Immoralist Virginia

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